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  1. I personally agree with the articles but perhaps not with the manner they are written. I refereed today at the LinxWF walking football tournament in Grantham. I have to admit that free kicks were given in every game for running but players learned and no individual had to be sin binned for persistent running. I was also keen to minimise contact and gave early free kicks in most games for players trying to get at the ball by tackling from behind.

    Again they learned and stopped this type of challenge. I also balanced this by penalizing a couple of strikers for backing in to defenders, again this stopped. There was very little dissent, no reckless tackling and only two instances of very minor ‘handbags’. If we persevere we will cut down on running and lessen the amount of fouls.

    Stricter refereeing in our own local sessions will assist. Let’s keep getting positive messages out there not just negative ones. We need to educate not alienate. Anyway rant over back to playing in a weeks time and I bet I get blown up for running!!!

    Mick Hill, Chairman, player and referee, Grimsby Ancient Mariners

    • Thanks for your constructive comment Mick. As you mentioned, if we persevere, running and fouling will eventually be lessened, and we live in hope, permanently eradicated.

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