Vintage Celtic Providing Non Contact Walking Football

Non Contact Walking Football

Non Contact Walking Football

Senior Football

Non contact walking football for the over 50’s in Tameside has been provided by Vintage Celtic for over three years. Vintage Celtic, part of the Stalybridge Celtic Foundation, aims to promote health and wellbeing for those over 50 and to encourage participation in physical activity through non contact walking football. We offer fun friendly football and we also have teams that compete in local leagues and tournaments.

Participation and membership numbers continue to grow as many older people realise their best days haven’t past them by. People who thought they should not be playing football at an advanced age soon realise that bringing back their youthful enthusiasm for the game is a realistic proposition. Doctors and health care professionals are also endorsing non contact walking football for the over 50’s for it’s physical and mental benefits.

At present we play on Monday evenings, 6pm to 7pm at Active Copley, Desmesne Drive Entrance, Stalybridge. We also play in many competitions and organise regular friendly games. No matter what your ability, you will be made very welcome. We pride ourselves on having a warm friendly atmosphere. Click this link for the location maps of our football sessions.

We have a hard working Management Committee, with fantastic support from our partners and most of all we have a great bunch of enthusiastic members who are thoroughly enjoying their football with Vintage Celtic. Come and join us at one of our sessions and give non contact walking football a try….you won’t regret it!

Non Contact Walking Football Sessions

Non Contact Walking Football

Age Range Here 63-84

Our sessions, competitions and friendlies are played on 3G artificial grass. Our regular Monday evening session is open to men and women mainly over 50 years old but if you are younger you are welcome to attend, although you will be ineligible for competitions. We play in a warm friendly atmosphere, where fun is the main criteria.

If you wish to get involved your first session is FREE! and then afterwards just £3.00 per session.

Please Contact Us on this link or Phone: Brian Coll 07785 735573 before attending a session.

Monday – 6pm to 7pm
This session is held on caged pitches without sidelines and is our main ‘football for all’ session. It is suitable for players of all abilities and fitness levels making it ideal for all first time players through to experienced players.

Competitive Non Contact Walking Football

Non Contact Walking Football

League & Tournament Action

As well as playing in the Greater Manchester Over 60’s and Over 65’s Walking Football Leagues and their Over 70’s Cup Tournaments, Vintage Celtic also play in other cup tournaments and festivals.

This competitive form of the sport is generally played to the Walking Football Association laws of the game with matches lasting 15 minutes. The standard of play is higher and more intense than our regular sessions and so requires a certain degree of ability, tactical awareness and fitness making it ideal for people who have experience of playing regular football and would like to get back to playing the sport they love but at a slower pace.

Social Activities

Non Contact Walking Football

One Of Our Curry Nights & A Recent FootGolf Tournament

Our Non contact walking football sessions are also ideal for people wanting to increase their social circles by mixing with people of a similar age with a common interest. This is ideal for making new friends with other players who often enjoy a post session drink together. All members are also welcome to attend our curry nights which we hold a few times a year.

We also play regularly in a FootGolf league, which again is a great friendly, fun, social occasion.

We encourage people to attend who may not wish to play but who may be interested in becoming involved in other ways such as in an administrative role or as referees etc. If this is the case please feel free to contact us.

The Health Benefits Of Non Contact Walking Football For The Over 50’s

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Non Contact Walking Football Leagues

Walking football leagues provide a great sporting and social occasion for those players who still want competitive football but at a slower pace. All league fixtures are played midweek during the late morning/early afternoon.