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  1. This new over 60’s comp at Heywood proved a great success. The facilities are 1st class; the organisation was excellent; the refereeing, as Bill said, was spot-on. With the added benefit of good weather it was, overall, a great experience…..made even better by our performances and results. Thanks to Bill & Brian for organisation and team management.

    This comp proves there is an appetite for competitive ‘wf’ for over 60’s whereas, until now, this age group has had to ‘mix’, either as teams or within teams, with the over 50’s. At this end of the age scale it is somewhat comparable to under 14’s versus under 18’s at the other end of the age scale. The 10 (plus) year age gap makes a difference; the competitiveness of the games remains high, as does the skill levels; it’s the slight reduction in the pace and physicality which is noticeable but does not detract whatsoever from the enjoyment and ‘will-to-win’ .

    Looking forward to March!

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