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Leeds Tournament — 7 Comments

  1. After a disappointing early exit our analysis of our group games led us to conclude that, although we had not seen other teams in action, we had almost certainly played 2 of the strongest teams in the tournament – one of them twice – and narrowly lost both by the odd goal. This has proven to be the case now we’ve seen all the results and is some consolation for our early exit and puts our performances in perspective, so ‘beating ourselves up’ as we did is unjustified.

    As ever, the post tournament re-hydration process which took place with much enthusiasm and gusto in various hostelries in Stalybridge was very enjoyable, the pinnacle being Stan’s superb rendering of that old Sinatra favourite ‘That’s Life’ at about 9:30 pm in HQ (The Lord Stamford) to the enthusiastic approval of a packed pub.

  2. Enjoyed the day – first time at walking football – pity some of the other teams did not know it was WALKING football! Hope to see next Saturday.

  3. As Bill McCallum says – it’s the luck of the draw. I hadn’t seen Sheffield Vulcan before but had seen Peter Stacey guesting for Heanor Strollers in the Rothwell tournament and knew what a good player he is (he was eventually voted Player of the Tournament). And having played against both yourselves and Seaton Carew twice before, I knew Titans were going to be in for a tough time. When the draw was made I did think to myself that we might struggle here. Another day and another draw I’m sure will bring different results for your club. Celtic are a team that can go far. I’ve just been watching a video of the first Titans v Celtic game and it was a close encounter.

  4. They say over a season, luck evens itself out. After the draws we “enjoyed” in our last two tournaments where both the tournament finalists came from our qualifying group, I am not so sure!!!
    Let`s see what happens at this weekends tournament in Northwich.

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