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Jules Rimet 50th Anniversary — 5 Comments

  1. The programme printed for the tournament is very impressive, a really professional job; not only providing a summary – and pics – of the 1966 win but a pen-portrait and pic of each competing team, along with full details of the rules, structure and timetable of the tournament. Looking forward to it!

    • I did have a programme Derek but lent it to the CEO of the Lord Stamford drinking society who promptly doused it in Fosters lager and made the pages look like a corrugated roof!

  2. As you know Lord Stamford does not engage in ‘tittle-tattle’ with the proletariat, nor does his CEO, so having been summoned to a private audience with his Lordship (at HQ), I’ve been asked to make it clear that the CEO adamantly denies your allegation of dousing said programme with Fosters, but accepts it was returned in less than pristine condition.

    I’m instructed by Lord Stamford to advise that any repetition of the allegation will leave him no alternative but to consult with his solicitors to protect the good name of his CEO.

    • Unfortunately your statement, that in your own words, “it was returned in less than pristine condition.” is in itself an admission of liability. Unless recompense is forthcoming within 7 days my legal advisor Ivor Feeling of Feeling, Tits & Groping will have no option but to seek damages in the High Court.

      As you will be no doubt aware his Lordship, who was only recently awarded the title, will have his name and reputation, which isn’t the best at the moment, ridiculed in the media who of course delight in mocking the aristocracy.

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