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January Cheshire Walking Football League — 8 Comments

  1. Another enjoyable set of fixtures at the Cheshire FA tournament, albeit frustrating results; could have been 3 wins with a bit of luck (easily….after the ‘inquest/rehydration’ session in the Lord Stamford 🙂 🙂 !

  2. Congratulations to Vintage Celtic upon coming second. Once again the teams never say die spirit spurs them on. Well done lads, best wishes, Gordon Fenton.

  3. Well done lads, as a team that works for each other, lets hope winning ways are around the corner. Keep going, all the best.

  4. Well done lads, sounds like we were unlucky but it’s coming. Can’t complain at coming 2nd, hopefully next time CHAMPIONS! Big well done boys.

  5. Copley Academy, Wednesday 03-02-16. First run out for a long time due to injury etc, really enjoyed the session and crack with the lads who turned up and big thank you to M. Smith, B Coll and B Murney for the way its was run.

    • Great to see you back Riddy and also Alan, glad you enjoyed the session and hope to see you back next week. Perhaps some of the other lads from Hadfield would like to see what they are missing with a well run session and a good laugh at the same time.

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