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Gentler Walking Football — 3 Comments

  1. Why does everyone assume that because this is football, it is just a ‘male’ sport. I have been playing Walking Football for Preston Senior Whites for the past 13 months (I was the first woman in the team). There are now 3, sometimes 4 of us and we hold our own against the men in the team who treat us as equals. We don’t play the slow, staid game quite often promoted on tv adverts either, it is quite competitive, fairly fast and great fun, and we stick to the rules! We are all well over 60 and would love to encourage more women to play this great game. So please don’t write us out. In this day and age when ladies football is doing so well it needs to be advertised for both sexes.

    • Thanks for the comment Gael. In no way does the post say ladies are not welcome, in fact we have a lady who plays in our training sessions and she turns up regularly. Due to a poor response our ‘gentle session’ has been moved to another venue and is now fully fledged walking football, played competitively but in the right spirit.

      We recently played in a tournament where a mixed team entered and they did extremely well. We play in the Cheshire Walking Football League and all female or mixed teams are very welcome.

      We hope to also run a Sunday league next summer so I will add your email address to the invitations which will be sent out shortly.

  2. Can anyone recommend a “hip support” for my 17 year old replaced hip, to help protect it from my sometimes over enthusiastically competitive approach to walking football?

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