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FC United Tournament — 7 Comments

  1. Morning Bill, disappointed with the results but still enjoyed the tournament, looking forward to the next one. Think we need to attack more rather than sitting too deep, letting the other team press up the field and not getting enough shots on target? But I do think it’s getting there, with a few more players we could end up with a decent squad. Good luck on Saturday.

  2. Accurate report by Bill. We paid the price for not scoring enough in the 1st game, compared with Blackburn’s subsequent result (we won 2-0, they won 3-0), even though we made lots of chances. The draw in our 2nd game meant that we needed to win against Blackburn, whilst they could afford to implement a game plan which ensured they didn’t lose. It was a close game, with very few chances created by either side, we did have a couple of chances but it was not to be.

    Defensively we are undoubtedly a strong side and against all but the best teams we create a good number of chances and take a decent percentage of them but against the very few teams we encounter who are equally strong defensively, particularly in close man-to-man marking, we need find a way to deal with such tactics better to create at least a few chances…and then take them!
    Frustrating but enjoyable!

  3. Feedback welcomed but a couples of points of order.
    The rules and pitch sizes were agreed with the refs and they were happy with them. They were only changed when the the teams started to try and change them.
    There was also food to go round, we were eating it after the final, it was brought out in batches to ensure there was enough left for the teams left in the final. All someone had to do was check.
    Point taken on the format but it didn’t help with teams pulling out leaving an odd number. We were worried about teams having too many games to play on the time we had but I agree two groups would probably have worked better.

    • When we entered the function room and saw all the food had gone we asked the person running the bar if that was it and the reply was “Yes”. We were given no indication that more would be provided so we left.

      • Apologies for that, that wasn’t correct. The feedback is very useful so thank you for it.
        Incidentally the officials were provided by Manchester FA.

        • You’re welcome to the feedback Steve, it was meant to be constructive and help you for future tournaments. You have great facilities there at FC United and although we didn’t progress I think all our players enjoyed the day.

          We find that referees, although used to the normal game, have great difficulty with the running that is prevalent in walking football and defining what running is. Also there were a few occasions where players entered the area and were not penalised for it.

  4. I have played and trained with Vintage Celtic a few times now and the various types of footballing effort that they present are top draw. Bill, Mike and Brian are very good at running sessions etc. Only wish I could give more of my time to them because the lads who play are a cracking set of lads and I would loved to have played with them in their prime. Well worth turning up for a session.

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