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Cheshire Walking Football October 2016 — 4 Comments

  1. Bill I think that you should pick a team then have them train and play together because that’s what the better teams do and you can see it when they play.

    • That’s what we try to do Mike, as per Wednesday’s training session but unfortunately not everyone is there on the night. On Wednesday only 4 of the 7 were there.

    • Was not informed of this Chester game or I would have made myself available. Tell Mike to turn up at Copley, Stalybridge, 3-4pm on Saturday. Meet some old friends from the past from the Hustage pub.

    • Mike,
      There is a balance to be struck between training a team for competition and ensuring that guys who just want to come along for a friendly game still get what they want. To date, we have never found that balance because at the moment, it is primarily about building numbers and ensuring that all who attend get the enjoyment and benefit they want from the sessions.

      We have played a team called Leeds Titans several times recently. Their team is selected from players who want to play competitively, but importantly are drawn from several centres across Leeds. This ensures that they still attend their local sessions but can also attend dedicated Titans sessions where they are able to train and practice for tournament play. Maybe this could be the way forward for Tameside walking footballers?

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