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  1. I am a new member of Vintage Celtic and have only started playing walking football recently. I would like to say what a great bunch of guys. I am sure that with some of the new members we will improve next season. The other teams in the Cheshire Walking Football League are also great, pleasant and friendly guys. The two sessions I attended were brilliant and that means a big thank you to all involved especially the organisers and also a big thank you to the refs.

  2. I started walking football early this year and have enjoyed it tremendously. A great bunch of guys and girl. For us to improve our league and cup competition teams I think we need to implement the walking football rules more vigorously at our training sessions. We have enough good players to be competitive in the league. Looking forward to seeing you all in March.

  3. Another accurate analysis of the games from Bill; there is no doubt that, as walking football becomes more popular the standard, certainly in comps, is increasing with many teams fielding ‘just over 50’ teams. By contrast, our players average is 60+ and it shows. However, I fear that even in an over 60’s league we are unlikely to repeat the success we enjoyed 18 months ago unless we too can attract new ‘young(er) blood’ of sufficient standard. Without doubt our Monday and Wednesday sessions are enjoyable and that is important – and probably the most important objective – but it is unfortunately not good enough for the comps.
    Bill’s done a brilliant job managing the comps teams in the last couple of years and it comes as a surprise to me that he is standing down.

  4. I have only just read this and just wanted to add a few things, it’s always been a pleasure to play against you and will miss the ‘off the ball camaraderie’, the league couldn’t ask for a better group of players. I dare say we will see you back in the prem next season! Till then ‘chin up’ and we’ll all consider this a minor setback, one step back, two steps forward!!

    • Thanks for the visit and comment Jim. As I mentioned in the post, our best players are not available mid-week but we still have a decent mid-week squad, who would give most teams a decent game. We have never got the better of the ‘Strollers’, the best we have achieved was a draw in the Cheshire Walking Football League and the same in 2015 at the Frodsham Walking Football Festival, which we eventually won.

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