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  1. That’s a great report Bill and whilst I cannot comment on Vintage Celtic’s play, we believe it was a very well contested walking football session played in a great spirit from both teams. Our scorers by the way were, 1st goal Andy Quale, 2nd goal Gary Lomax and the equaliser coming from me Keiran Tilley!

    Our keeper Bob Daniels is also a veteran like your Mike Kieran, coming in at 74 years young and he too did a brilliant job on the day.

    Bury Relics thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the day and thank you all for your superb hospitality and would love to repeat the occasion in the future.

    Thanks once again to everyone connected to the event!

  2. I still think Bill’s assessment is unfair. I do accept we, and me personally, got off to a poor start when our and my passing was bad, as was the marking, but after a couple of minutes we settled and began taking the game to the opposition. Yes, guilty of not marking and losing shape on too many occasions but overall and particularly in the 2nd half we made far more good chances than Bury. If we had scored half of the one-on-ones we created on the 2nd half the scoreline would have been far different.

    Mike, as usual, made a couple of cracking saves and Bury took their goals really well. They probably made no more than 5/6 chances in the game and scored 3. We made more than double that without converting them. Not bad for a performance which was a little below ‘OK’ but far from as poor as Bill’s assessment, against a decent side.

    Be interested to see other players views.

  3. Great day had by all, really enjoyed bringing the lads down to play you guys and I’ll work behind the scenes to repay the favour! Think the page looks great and you guys have done a great job.

    Best Wishes, Lee (Principal Physical Activity Development Officer – Bury Council)

  4. That Photo, can I just say that I had a puffa jacket on underneath the blue rain jacket, and I have not been on the steroids. (dunno what Bill’s excuse is though)!!

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